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When will Cannabis be Legal in Texas? – Interview with Texas NORML

In this interview with Jax Finkle, the Executive Director of Texas NORML, we discuss the current state of Cannabis laws in Texas. Want more information?

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  1. When will cannabis be legal in Alabama ?

    USA government was overthrown and over ran. Fair trade practices are violated in the south east USA. DC officials such as myself were stunned often injected and tortured with memory erasing and brain damage through electrical burning of the brain and injections of highly brain damaging substances. You should never drink alcohol nor eat hash after stun and inject warfare. The blood brain barrier is damaged and alcohol through the stomach does not go to liver first.

    I am appalled at the abuse of the dictators. I have been encouraged to return to mobile Alabama to continue my audits and to run for political office with legal marijuana as one of my motives for Alabamians.

    We In Alabama need action not words and it takes courage to challenge war criminals who brought many to Alabama as World War II refugees to be used as whores and their children damaged through deliberate injury.

    Now with discrimination in commerce we are back in the slave era with carpet bagging dope dealers from our enemies ranks in dc and Montgomery forcing their will upon us.

    I kurt Brown Of the kurt Brothers was in pacific shores Washington and surrounded by police with their intention of inciting violence and my arrest and murder in may of 2019. I had been broken into in my vehicle in the Oregon coastal areas west of portland and Eugene. Likely police or crime syndicates who I had investigated after murders robbery and rapes in the USA federal banking regulatory agencies in 1999 2000 and to this day. I was followed into Seattle where my alleged brother kurt Cobain was Alleged suicide. I say murder because I was accused of suicide attempt after a federal banking robbery and murder and rape melee I barely escaped in Northern California November 13 1999. I had been stunned unconscious in Arlington Virginia at a training center in 2000. They do it to keep the memory erased.

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    The last day of my employment I was leaving San Francisco Federal government banking regulator office the robbers came in and sat at the computers. One held a knife to my throat and said go smoke some grass. Then I was stunned and injected and released .

    I agree with the robber. In Alabama if you want to grow it or go into business competing with the war criminals of the west coast and dc you should have that right.

    Kurt brown aka saintrambone aka Mobile Audit Club. Aka alleged related to the queen mother of queens or the alleged dead John Spencer the earl of Althorp wales 1960.

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    Our government was over ran. We must show social and racial unity to oppose the threats our enemies pose against us. I feel john brown abolitionist coming to rescue our people. Don’t drink any alcohol or eat hash.

    If you grow I would claim the grower is one of the corporations in the article. They want us as their slaves. Never again

  2. The fact that it's not legal in Tx is just giving the cartel the upper hand. All about supply and demand. In reality if we were really concerned about "the war on drugs"we would legalize it loosening the grips from the drug lords and Texas has created a black market. I remember DARE back in the 90s what a joke looking back. You'll guys and gals in you'll 30s know what I'm talking about… Fake news and fake education!!. Time we legalize Marijuana. Every one wins. Tx is loosing so much money in revenue as well. Tx is a good ol boy state. The pharmacy co. Don't want it legal as well as the cbd.Tx sucks and is way over rated in my opinion.

  3. Every freakin state is legalizing weed we are surrounded by neighboring states toking up with out the risk of going to jail. We are like a secluded and pissed off island or colony.Tx has created a black market.people with health issues who are good people veterans really need it and old farts too. I am an alcoholic I no longer drink and weed helps take the edge off. Marijuana is the only thing that has kept me on the wagon. I refer to weed as my 13th step haha.. Perhaps my grandchildren will get to see the day Tx will go green although probably not in my life 😞.

  4. The pressure is on Texas now Canada legal Mexico legal and all states surrounding Texas are 420 friendly history favors the bold and beautiful don't get left behind Texas and listen to you're people and think about all that money going in you're pockets therefore one way or another we all love the green!!! 🙂

  5. The video doesn't really give a definitive answer on a prediction or outlook, so what is yalls speculation? Do you think it will be in the next 5 years or less? Or are you looking for it to be in maybe the next 10?

  6. We hope for legalization in texas but as for the moment i'm using the dark net to get whatever i want from Denver and california so if your equally interested in getting home delivery right here in texas contact +1 720 778 9356 . Discrete home Delivery. life is not all about waiting for legalization but learning how to dance in the rain

  7. i agree with this lady but there should be no penalties. i served this country for 22 years in the navy, served in 3 wars, 4 times unfortunately and because of my medical condition, i can't see my son in texas unless i just deal with the pain and go. not fair to anyone

    i'm glad i don't serve under the current president, but if he legalized weed across the nation, he would not only get my vote and wipe out the countries deficit within 10-15 years or less, but he would become this countries best president for the 21st century

  8. if you want to change the marijuana law in texas, you need to fire the lawmakers. hell texas wanted to succeed from the union, so I think it'll never be legal, it should be across the nation, it's beneficial for a lot of people and the taxes will pay off the countries deficit. the plant was legal for over 2000 years, but some idiotic lawmakers made it illegal in 1928 and booze soon followed. what gets me is booze has a damaging effect on the liver and other organs and you can die from it, but no one ever died from smoking pot. pot should be legal across the country for it's medicinal factors alone.
    i'm in cali and legal(i'm also 100% disabled vet), so it really doesn't effect me. but I would like to be able to bring my medicine with me when I visit my son in texas, I don't want to risk my status as 100% disabled with the VA and the state by getting caught while visiting my son.

  9. Do people really spend more than that initial night in jail now days in Texas? I guess I get them towing your car and taking your stash and you getting fined a lot but would a judge seriously convict someone of felonies or jail time over weed or extracts with how everything's changing now..? What if your are driving thru from one state to another with lotion as a elderly for arthritis they would seriously jail that person. Ridiculous

  10. Shit or get off the pot too much revenue for drug offenses this can throw the system into a hyper inflammatory shit show bc their pensions are in private prisons and the police dept has no other revenue beside upgrading traffic stops to drug offenses need that bonus fuckers

  11. They need to legalize it, I have and less headaches and it seems to be the only thing that helps, I can take Tylenol all day and other medicines they have tried but nothing helps with that. Also, I have a seizure disorder and it does help. I don’t smoke anymore which means I have a lot more mild seizures, but I can’t because of the implications would have. It is ridiculous, especially when it could improve economy is greatly, and I’m sorry more traffic accidents are caused by alcohol then whatever because my weed. I’ve been in the car with someone, a friend, that was smoking and he went like 5 miles an hour LOL even I could tell we weren’t moving too much 🙂 also, there are a lot of people in prison here for having a joint. How stupid is this?

  12. This slow drip of success really is annoying. If they legalized it in TX then CA would crawl over here : / oh well Atown is already lefties lol

  13. I was arrested and taken to jail by a state trooper for 2 grams .. 2 fuckin grams!!! I told the trooper it was a misdemeanor and I deserved a ticket the dude literally said he wasn’t aware of any legalization and booked me anyway..

  14. News Flash…Texas will be last to legalize it if it ever does. The bastardized chemical that they allowed for people with intractable epilepsy is a fucking joke! Fuck this state!

  15. It won’t get legalized in Texas because they make more money off he jail system cuz it’s a bigger state next to Mexico smh lol if they do legalize it they would make billions

  16. why is it that you can go to prison for years for selling a little bit of weed but then the next guy can steal millions and billions from the public and hardly do any time who's protecting who???

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