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STOP SALE | E-Liquids THREATENED by Surprise Regulation

U.S. e-liquid manufacturers may have to pull millions of bottles of e-juice off of vape stores shelves following a surprise mandate, issued via tweet, by a recently …

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  1. Terrorist tactics applied by an appointed US federal "Commissioner"?  Good lord a'mighty!  This is a sneaky-sneak attack that only our own Regulator Watch seems to have noted.  It is a terrifying attack with far-reaching consequences for vapers, specifically, and for free enterprise in general.  And who pays for all the enforcers newly empowered to attack American business — bedamned to the consequences?  WE DO!

  2. Some states like California get money from big tobacco settlement from them knowing that cigarettes cause cancer. the government made it to where the tobacco industry couldn't be sued anymore but in exchange they would have to pay the government lumps of money every 10 years. California decided to create bonds against the estimated amount of money they would receive from the tobacco industry. Every 10 years they must pay back what they got from the bonds. More and more people are vaping so the cigarette industry is giving the states less and less money every 10 years. If California cannot pay back the bonds that they issued they must file for that's the reason San Francisco outlawed flavors is because they would rather have you smoke so they can get their money every 10 years from the tobacco industry that money was supposed to go for helping people who have smoking injuries none of that money went if you live in a state that gets tobacco settlement money it's highly probable that your state when it loses money from the tobacco industry will fight every vape product made because it is actually financial reasons.

  3. As a company I would openly refuse to that. As other commentators have written there are much more dangerous substances on the market which have no packages-protection at all. We know that teenagers drink themselves into coma every weekend. Small child's poison themselves by drinking bleach and other highly toxic substances, they eat cigarettes, they get hit by cars or drown in swimming pools. It's so obvious what's happening here. Nicotine is one of the least dangerous things that can happen to a child – compared to all the other things which are potentially dangerous, even deadly for child's – and adults alike. Do we put warnings on cars? They can kill you. Do we forbid swimming pools? They may kill you. The list of potential dangers is endless. Everything the state officials did in the past months is nothing less than the clear discrimination of an entire industry. They try to force people back to cigarettes. Not for one second do I believe that they don't know what consequences this will have for the companies – in view of the PMTA. It's the next step towards their end-goal: getting rid of vaping.

  4. They don't want the manufacturers to withdraw that liquids, they want them to hang themselves on the next tree and be gone – once and for all. So that can carry on with their business (money) undisturbed by vaping.

  5. Obviously when it comes to alcohol, cigarettes and nicotine replacement products no one cares about a "poisoning prevention". Although many kids poison themselves eating cigarettes or drinking alcohol. Hypocrisy at its best.

  6. I have never in my lifetime saw such an assault on something that's saving millions of lives a year. Where's the assault on the tobacco industry and all the nicotine patches and gum that they freely sell in easy to open packages.

  7. This enforcement helps to do away with parental responsibility, parents who vape should keep their liquids out of the reach of their children. Most of the Eliquids in the UK come in restricted bottles, as an adult with Arthritis I have to transfer liquids to bottles easier to use, BUT I do NOT have children, if my son had been much younger I would have used the supplied bottles, just to be safe

  8. Why not taking caps on the squeeze-bottles with a tiny tiny little hole where nearly no e-liquid escapes when the bottle is squeezed? If the user themselves wants a bigger hole in the bottle-nose: Just cut it off a bit …

  9. Good Coverage. I have loads of hard core liquid's that do not have flow restrictions from brake fluids to acetone, Just about every paint spray can with a child safe cap only takes a light tap against any hard surface to pop off. Brake cleaner's i use all the time just a quick tap on a bench and the child safe cap is off. this is just a joke.

  10. It doesn’t get any more blatant than this. The government wants to destroy the vaping industry. Period. It’s not about the children or public health, it’s about money. Lost cigarette taxes due to the decrease in sales, Big Pharma losing sales in smoking cessation products, Big Tobacco having their hooks in government. Follow the money.

  11. A few years ago, Officials of the EU had been misclassifying e-liquid as either a CLP category 2 product (a category including strychnine), or a category 3 product (which includes formaldehyde). ECITA – Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association decided to look into it and got an analysis done, verified by three experts..

    For many years, the LD50 was thought to be around 60mg for humans but, since around this time, we’ve known it’s actually 750-1000mg.
    The conclusion of the Libra report and expert opinion is that all e-liquids with a concentration of less than 2.5% (25 mg/ml) should not be classified under the EC regulation, and that higher nicotine concentrations (up to 5% or 50 mg/ml for dermal classification, and even higher for oral classification) should only be be considered as CPL category 4, the lowest category, or as dangerous as using washing up liquid.

    I strongly suspect that eliquids in the US are also currently misclassified.

    I couldn’t open the Google link for ECITA website, so took it from a vendor’s blog.

  12. My God! Our government is F'n rediculous! You know I never wish death on anyone but everyone in our government just needs to go away! What happened to them working for the people, fighting for the little guy! I have 4 kids ranging from 4 to 18 and have been vaping for about 4 years. I've never been concerned about them being poisones from my vape shit!

  13. I will probably be slammed for saying but child proof containers and flow restriction on e-liquid containers is a good idea and should have been used from the outset. with flow restriction its much easier to control the flow and direction your e-liquid takes and saves greatly on spillages as well as being all round safer. we have these laws in the UK since the TPD and in my opinion they are about the only TPD regulations that makes any sense, having said that all the containers I have bought over the last 5+ years have had child proof containers and flow restriction even before the TPD law come out. if e-liquid manufacturers had been sensible and used these kind of containers from the get go they would not be facing any hassle over it now.

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