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Step by Step How to Plant Outdoor Cannabis

Step by Step How to Plant Outdoor Sun Grown Cannabis – Spring growing season is here in BC, watch my step by step video on how I plant outdoor sun grown …

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  2. You didn’t need to cut it out. Also, you can just take the pot you have your plant in and press it in the soil and it will make a perfect fit for your transplant.

  3. BIG HUGE TIP!!!!
    Make your soil properly WET 30 to 60mins before transplanting…
    When you transplante, gently squeeze it all together and then you can just slide it out the old container…
    NO need to cut, and the soil holds together very good, making transplanting a piece of cake…
    Nice garden, almost no shade the whole day 👌

  4. just a small tip, leave your plants a bit longer before transplanting, the soil shouldnt crumble off as the roots should hold it in a block, i find you minimise transplant shock doing it this way

  5. Next time put a bunch of perlite in the mix if your gonna use pots. That mix Is okay for the ground but potted plants grow much better with perlite and you won't have the risk of root rot. You want bright white roots not brown/yellow. Like they say "bigger roots, bigger fruits😉👍

  6. I've been reading best way to water is collect rain water as tap water has so much chlorine and other junk.
    Keep the collected water in a bucket at the same temp as the plants are sitting in so as not to shock the plant.

  7. First off good video.. Second if you live in the Ottawa region that great value triple mix was stored in my work yard and I loaded it on flat beds to be shipped to wallmart and Canadian super stores.. 3rdly why do you cut it out of the starter pots, are you not worried about cutting roots? I usually give all sides a little squeeze flip it over and the plant with its rootball just fall out.. And my question is say I dug a hole and filled it with 3way mix planted my plants in the garden I made, I water at 630 am and about 6 pm any suggestions on fertilizing? I was recently told by a old lady that he dose one decent hit of fertilizer and the rest he sprinkles Epson salt of the soil and claims he yeilds to much to count.. He claimed that his stocks are the thickness as a cucumber to a baseball bat.. But I am not sure if I want to believe him or not.. Any insight? Thanks

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