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Rugby Player Reacts to STEPHEN A. SMITH & SNOOP DOGG Discussing Medical Marijuana In The NFL!

Sup everyone and welcome back to another video! In this video I take a look at none other than STEPHEN A. SMITH hosting his radio talk show discussing …

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  1. Hey man, I just had Gyno surgery last week and recovery is going well. Just wondered did blazing bring anything back as there is the old wives tale it’s linked, I’m not so sure this is true to be honest. And when did you spark up again after surgery as I too love a zoot! Your vids helped/helping me through my journey so thank you from the UK and keep up the good work! Peace x

  2. You've got to watch Taysom Hill's career highlights. One of the most athletic players in the history of the sport. He plays literally any position they will let him and is good at pretty much everything

  3. The thing to understand about the NFL is it is run by men who are, frankly, dinosaurs from another era, the owners in particular. There probably are sweetheart deals with pharmaceutical companies as well. The one thing which may change this is the growth of legal marijuana as an industry which could lead t endorsement deals and such

  4. If you really want a good video to watch about weed in the nfl, watch bleacher report’s video on YouTube on former nfl players using during their careers. Definitely would make for a good video!

  5. The XFL should allow w33d instead of pills for pain management to compete with the NFL. I guarantee David Irving and others would join the XFL and David could stay in Dallas, because the XFL has a team in Dallas. It would also be a good public relations move.

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