How Big Weed Became A Rich White Business

Blacks and Latinos accounted for nearly half of all weed arrests in 2018 in the US. At the same time, the mostly white legal cannabis industry is exploding.

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  1. I don't think those who have weed convictions should be cleared it is legal now and that's great and all but that dosent make it ok for those people who were convinced to break the law when it was illegal they knew it was illegal and decided to do it anyway they deserve the sentences they got. The state does not owe you anything their being nice about it so stop complaining.

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  3. There is not a single instance of Racism in this video. He smoked weed when it was illegal thus breaking the law. It's not about for what crime you went to jail, it's about committing a crime. And regarding to getting a loan part it's more about big business vs small guys rather than black vs white.

  4. Oh im sorry you did a crime when u were younger and now it's affecting you. While the white people get to sell because they didn't sell when it was illegal……… Yeah that's racist

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