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Bill Corbin is a registered grower in the TN Dept of Agriculture hemp production pilot program. ‘Late Sue’, ‘Randi’ and ‘Cherry Tang’ are the varieties in the 11 …

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  1. I was just granted my industrial Hemp license and I live just down the road from Bill in ridgetop, being very small grower it is exceptionally hard to find seeds and very frustrating being able to get info from the state due to the fact they're so overwhelmed with all the new growers oh, I would love to spend a few minutes picking bills brain… Does he offer any classes that anyone knows of? does he have a store where we can buy CBD oil at?
    Awesome video keep up the good work

  2. I can’t handle THC @ all, but CBD oil w/out THC is too expensive for me in the dosing recommendations of my physician specialists. I would need to spend in CA about 2K a month on CBD oil to fulfill my doctor’s’ prescription for controlling the severe pain caused by my genetic connective tissue disorder, which is a systemic disease that causes various types of pain in multiple body systems. After reading about the taxation & regulations in CA that are complicating the manufacturing process for legitimate growers & raising the prices of legal hemp/marijuana products, I wonder if these medicinal alternatives will ever become as affordable for severe patients as prescription required controlled substances are. Since it’s obviously also not a β€œcheap” crop to grow correctly even w/out governmental oversight & taxation…

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