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Choosing the Best HoneyStick Dab / Wax / Concentrates Vape Pen

Dan Hoff COO walks through choosing the best concentrate vape pen in order to pair you with the perfect Dab / Wax / Concentrates Vape Pen for your needs …

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  1. ok i have a vape pen for smoking nicotine with the settings and all the number shit

    can i use that for thc clear???

    My main ? is stupid but whatever

    i have this apollo vape pen i used for 20 bucks with a top on it.

    it came with this top that has a heat coil in it that heats up fat. it has a 1 string in it and that slowly disappears fast.

    Whats the best way to smoke a darker wax?

    what a good tool to put on top of the battery that i have? Aso what's a good price on a better vap pen cause my apollo was 20 bucks with the top with it.

    SO i got that with the charger and over time it just doesn't fit on the it anymore and it fits on the battery.

    then over time it stops fitting on the battery.

    these middle silver pieces suck. when u turn the heater into it.

    it makes the inside move. so it pushes out and fucks up ur battery i noticed i think?

    So what's the best thing i can buy that would last and make my battery not ufck up on vaping dark wax???

    i know im talking forever but

    im stressed out and sick of buying a bunch of these glass tops with the white heat and stupid components like that.

    the silver piece over time doesn't even fit on it anymore so i have to smoke it and hold it. it sucsk…

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  3. Keep pushing! Try and think of an innovative heating technique, there’s some pretty amazing materials being studied these days for applications such as this, I would be trying to stay on the forefront of what’s possible. To do that you will need to look outside of the vape community as it’s mostly a bunch of ignorant people, no offence intended.

  4. The more I look into Kandypens the less I believe this statement rings true, source vapes I would have to say are better, they are one of the better companies doing it so no worries there. Kandypens seems shady AF, I’ve perhaps had good luck but there’s some pretty bad horror stories online, but then again you’ll always have butt hurt people.

  5. This video answered all of my newfound questions about getting into wax/sugar/shatter stuff. Cant wait to buy one of these products!

  6. Where does one get the minimal battery ? Actually I'd like to get the replacement tank from a phantom as well. I'm new to the vape and wax/dab scene, I'm liking it so far.
    Old school catching on to the new school…

  7. Anyone know the ideal temp for vaping dabs? I have a vaporizor that is supposed to work with herb and also waxes. It's a ceramic pen with 4 temp settings. I'm just not sure which to set it to for wax type stuff since I've only used it with dry stuff so far. Thanks.

  8. It's called a "yocan evolve plus" dual quartz coils. 2-3 second warm up and 15 seconds total hit time. Good for any concentrates. Perfect for on the go or at home. Hits like a rig.

  9. Why is it always either coils or ceramic that the wax or oil has to sit on & cook, why can't someone create a pen with a thin pure quartz bowl that sits on the coils instead?

  10. dude this is a freakin phenomenal video man. i watch these for a living i feel like lol, i watch so many, and this is very informative with the perfect flow and info procession.

    do others a favor and teach a class on how to present canna products on youtube, good luck man!

  11. I am looking for a vape pen that I can refill and recharge. I like the syringe filled liquids but need a non- throw away pen. I’m getting tired of having to toss them when the battery goes out on the pre-filled pens so what options do I have?

  12. Lol!!!! "Medical residue"!

    Jaw just dropped.. That miniMax tho… I'm getting one.. effing perfect. Put a trumpet icon on the button and stelf-mode activated.

    Now for my side of the invention exchange. Make high capacity portable usb batteries with a 510 connector. You're welcome.
    And it's shaped like a flash light.. and is one..

    And has black jack, and hookers.

  13. I'm looking for something where when I hold the button down the battery doesn't immediately flash blue/red. The coil is new and the battery is charged. It's a 600 mAh 520 thread pen battery attached to a smoking dragon dual coil.:(p.s. I loosened(unscrewed) the coil connection from the battery terminal a little. My preference is to get high.

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