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2019 Allotment Gardening Review ♻️ @Kelly's Kitchen Garden ♻️ @Alternative Smallholding ♻️

Nominated by @Kelly Kitchen Garden and started by Jaz I answer six questions on my Allotment journey throughout 2019, thank you all for your continued …

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  1. Hi Terry a good review of your highs and lows of the season. Swedes were let down for me owing to not thinning them out. When you mentioned the carrot boxes and manure , I looked back at my vid and it was 2015 when I first built my boxes with a manure base, so as a result of this video, it has prompted me to empty mine and re-line the bases 👍. I agree with you being selective with channels to watch and comment. I sub to almost 500 channels and it can take up a lot of time when you consider how many uploads happen per day, and this will only increase as we get further into the growing season… fact you have given me another prompt, to go through my sub list and remove any where a video hasn't been uploaded in the past 12 months or doesn't have any content……..all the best. Nigel

  2. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 highlight of the year for me was growing my first ever cucumber but by the time I'd taken the 50th off ,it's fair to say I was fed up of them🙄🙄🙈🙈😂😂 note to self "don't grow 12 cucumber plants again" 😂😂
    Best wishes

  3. Wise words indeed Mr King – especially not letting things get on top of us – ay ay ay so very easy to do! Onwards and upwards though and here's to a great 2020 for all!

  4. Hi Terry. Some great answers. Very interesting about Neem oil. It was mentioned the other day on my live and I don’t know much about it. Those carrots look really nice. You have so much compost. Wish l knew where in the local area that they dump it around here. 😄 Thanks for your support to my channel too Terry. Very much appreciated. Take care. Nick

  5. Hi Terry, new subscriber here. Really enjoyed your video, fabulous carrots! I was interested in the neem oil. I discovered recently that neem oil is a great addition to homemade soaps if you suffer from eczema! 2019 was our first year on our allotment. A completely virgin plot. ( you can check out our video of what we achieved if you’re interested). We’re loving it, learning loads, and getting excited for the coming year….I’ve just bought my seed potatoes, very exciting!

  6. Well done Terry. Its great that you've managed to collect so much organic material. Very inspirational. Its the first gardening update ive watched in several months. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks Mike

  7. Have you read up on pure soap sprays. You can get the pure stuff cheap enough in a good chemists. Soap in a spray over and under leaves actually blocks bug and caterpillar breathing, I bet mixed with that oil it would be even more deadly. I have an old book that shows how to make a contraption that you disturb radish leaves with and when the bugs jump they get stuck to tar paper.

  8. Good morning Terry 😃 good answers,and what a year it was and yes we do learn from each other.Very much looking forward to the video chat about the need oil and how to use it best,let know ill be glued to the screen…need oil at the ready 😊 Tell you what looks wasn't doing carrots this year because of the dam carrot fly…but looking at yours my word they don't get any better then that,so let might give it ANOTHER go 😞 2017 on my new plot they were fine and a beautiful crop of carrots they were,but the last three years got devastated by that fly.All the very best 🌱🌱🌱🙋for now.

  9. Terry, I think part of why I learn so much from your videos, is because you don't do "regular" gardening, and, the nice part is, you share everything you are doing and the outcome. I always appreciate that. Thank you for doing this gardening review. Thank you also for the encouragement that you give during the video. Sometimes it is hard to think about the good when it seems like things are bad. Enjoy the week! Catherine

  10. Thanks for putting this together Terry, it’s great hearing your thoughts on the 2019 season. I’ve currently got man flu (fortunately not as serious in women 😆) so I had an early night last night and missed this when you posted it. I hope storm Brendan didn’t cause any problems for you. Your broad beans are looking lovely 😊🌱

  11. Nice little review Terry. I always learn a thing or two from your channel. Definitely trying the neem oil this year, in the hope I get a few leeks and onions that are allium leaf miner free!
    Take care
    Steve 🧑‍🌾

  12. My highlight was definitely my parsnips, that usually fail. This time I chitted them and then used a long dibber to create a hole filled it with fresh sieved compost, put the chitted seeds one per station and every one grew to a great size and we still are eating one every Sunday (I learned that from YouTube). Also your tomato trick works an absolute treat and I have a huge supply of tomato plants ready for this year. Thanks for sharing your progress Terry. Oh am going to try the parsnip method with carrots this year!

  13. Hello Terry, this was a good tag. Always makes me think. What would my answer be. So made a note. Sweet candle seems to be a good variety of carrots. In an all year round variety? Unfortunately is not available is the Netherlands. But quite some gardeners seem to grow them. Could you give us the name of the neem oil? Is it a 250ml bottle? I bought some a few month ago, works well. But always looking for cheaper alternative. Take care Joyce 👩🏻‍🌾💚🍀

  14. Wonderful carrots, Terry.

    Neem Oil is a wonderful product. I've only used it on whiteflies! They aren't really a plant problem, but the adults are a bloody pest. It does work to kill their larva and I swear by it. Since most of what I grow is house plants you can take whatever you want from that info. Your energy levels are much higher than mine. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Those are wise words Mr. T., it's easy to become despondent when we focus too much on the failures. These review posts are great for getting a more realistic (and optimistic) point of view.

  16. You have grown the most beautiful carrots shown on You Tube, Terry.
    I've got some Sweet Candle seeds for this year's season, but they aren't sown one by one in a tube, so they probably won't be like yours.
    Nice answers to the tag.

  17. Really nice carrots Terry. The neem oil works good as long as you are consistent with its use. Gary at the Rusted Garden talks a lot about it. BT is another alternative, and one I personally like. Take care.

  18. Hi Terry
    Great answers there. I had a lot of failures this year, but what did well I had plenty of. I've learned a lot from your videos and your helpful comments on my videos. You're a wealth of knowledge. It's also fun to break some gardening rules and try new things. I'm looking forward to following along in your videos this year. I always find them really interesting.
    Take care

  19. I always learn from your Channel. This year I will be trying to grow carrots in my backyard. I have started my leafmold and I will be asking the local coffee shop for used Coffee grounds. All the best in 2020 Terry😁

  20. Thank you for the video!
    Those really are amazing carrots. I haven't grown carrots in years because of the sowbugs that eat the seedlings down at night. Actually, the sowbugs and earwigs eat any seedling, so that is why I start everything inside and transplant out once the stems are no longer so tender. I've been thinking of trying to grow carrots in a tub, thinking that if I start with completely fresh soil every year, that the carrots could germinate and grow a bit, getting tougher before the sowbugs discover them. We will see if I get that accomplished.

  21. Thanks terry have a good 2020, I am pleased you like the neem oil, have you watched any more of the rusted gardener channel? Do you grow spinach? I was wondering where your energy comes from lol

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